Tips To Help You Throw An Awesome Eco-Friendly Party

Parties are a great way to bring family and friends together and to celebrate someone or something in a positive and fun way. However, parties can also be the scourge of the environment.

Just think of how much single-use plastic and paper products you can find at parties. This includes all of the plastic cutlery, the paper plates, all of the balloons and signs, not to mention the seemingly endless number of napkins that get used up. That’s just the beginning.

These days, throwing parties that are as fun for you and your guests as they are for the environment are becoming more common than ever. Parties are a good reason to let loose and have fun celebrating someone, an achievement or a holiday. That said, they should not be used an excuse to be reckless and add to the pollution out there.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of handy tips that will help your next party earn approval from Mother Nature.

Buy Fresh For Your Guests

One of the easiest ways to greatly reduce your party’s ecological footprint is to prepare your menu and guest list ahead of time so then you know exactly what you’re making and for how many people. One of the biggest sources of waste at parties is the food, so make sure that your grocery list is sorted out beforehand and only buy what you need to make what is on your menu.

Since you came prepared, you can also stick to strictly fresh ingredients at the grocery store. Going with fresh instead of frozen and packaged is another way to minimize the ecological effects of your party.

Buying locally is another way to not only do right by the environment but also to support your local economy as well. Buying locally means that it takes less fuel to get your products to you. This means less CO2 in the atmosphere.

Though some will hate to hear it, the more plant-based your menu is, the more sustainable and good for the environment it is as well. However, that’s not to say you can’t have an eco-friendly party with meat, it will just be less so.

Avoid Using Disposables

Dozens and dozens of paper plates and sets of plastic cutlery are used and thrown out each time a party is thrown. You can avoid that with reusable dishes. Obviously glass is a little bit dangerous for some parties but a set of plastic crockery is a great investment.

If you don’t want to go with plastic, dishes made from bamboo are an environmentally-responsible alternative. This way, not only are you saving the environment but you’re also saving yourself from having to spend money on single-use plastic and paper ever again.

Sustainable place setting

Rethink Your Party Favors

Party favors are a classic part of many shindigs out there but they are not necessary. The bags themselves are usually made of plastic that will be thrown away. Doing away with the party favor can be a cheap way to cut down on your party’s carbon footprint.

However, there are many lovely alternatives to the regular old party favor bag. One of our favorites is to send your guests home with a seedling or a seedling starter kit so then you're not only keeping your party green but spreading the greenery to all of your friends and family as well!

Send E-Vites

Party invitations are a great way to introduce your guests to your theme in a fancy and fun way, but you don’t have to hand-make each invitation. Instead of sending all of your invitations by snail mail, take a page out of the 21st century and send your party guests an e-vite instead of a physical paper invitation.

Not only does this save you a ton of time putting the invitations together but it also conserves a lot of paper that would have been used by your invitations, envelopes and stamps. But don’t think that sending out e-vites means that you can’t put your personal touch on it. There are tons of online programs out there that can help you write the perfect invitation.

Emphasize Trash Division

One of the most important parts of an eco-friendly party is how the trash is dealt with when all of the partying is done. To make the post-party cleanup easier, put out different bins for garbage, compost, and recycling.

Don’t be afraid to ask your guests with their help with this either. Inform your guests that they should be mindful of where they’re throwing their trash and ask a couple of special pals to help deal with the carnage after the party is done.

Eco-friendly picnic

Change Up Your Party Decor

Parties are often characterized by extravagant decorations such as signs, balloons and the like. Try to get creative with your decor if you plan on making your party an eco-friendly affair. Grab reusable materials and other items and try to find ways to repurpose them for your party.

Another great way to make your party decor eco-friendly is to rely heavily on plants. Grab some bouquets of wildflowers and pair them with contrasting tablecloths. Or grab a few little succulents and place them about the party to be taken home by guests at the end of the night as favors.

A few other ways to put up some lovely decor while keeping the environment in mind is to use rose petals as confetti or to scatter the petals on select tables. If you have tea lights, they could be used to create ambiance on either the lawn or the table as well. You can even fill mason jars with colorful petals or candies to add a ‘pop’ to your decor.

Final Thoughts

Parties are often used as an excuse to let loose and forget about our responsibilities, including the ones that everyone has to the environment, but they shouldn’t and don’t have to be. There are countless ways to tweak your party habits to make your bashes both fun and environmentally responsible.

Rethink your party decor, send your guests home with some greenery of their own, buy reusable crockery -- the options are truly endless. The best thing about most of these alternatives is that because they are reusable or repurposed, it means that you and your family will save a significant amount of money while also becoming more eco-friendly. Not to mention that reusable plates and cutlery will save you tons of time and energy during the party cleanup.

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