13 Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas You Can Actually Afford

Anita Ventura

May 01

Looking for inexpensive bachelorette party ideas? You've come to the right place. In this article you'll discover how to throw a great hen/bachelorette party on a budget.

The Ultimate Guide to a Fabulous Bachelorette Party on a Budget

got a few you might not have thought of. Okay, clubbing in Los Angeles or tipsy traipsing through New York is great, but they've been done before, and just because you want an affordable bachelorette party, when you don't break the bank, doesn't mean you can't still have fun. And so, if you don't want to throw a regular bachelorette party which could leave you all seriously out of pocket, but you want to throw one still worthy of Instagram.

Still, with more affordable and original ideas, then it's time for you to look at these different bachelorette party ideas with a difference. To make your cheap bachelorette party a night, day, or weekend to remember, one that the bride will never forget, and is still far from the ordinary, then it's time to think outside the box... Of course, you're probably planning on having some boozy fun at your bachelorette party or weekend retreat, but it doesn't have to be the whole plan.

Whether you've decided to stay close to your place or to take your wedding celebration on the road, there are a whole lot of cheap bachelorette party ideas out there. We have curated a list of unique and fun bachelorette party activities fit for everyone, from the bride, to her old school friends. These activities will appeal to a mixed group of ages or generations. Most important, they are cheap and affordable but with no skimping on style!

Do It On A Budget

So suppose if you're responsible for planning a bachelorette party for the bride-to-b,e and her girls, and/or perhaps her wedding group. Still, you have a bit of a cash-flow problem - for either yourself or those on the bridal invite li. In that case, there are plenty of great cheap bachelorette party ideas around that you can use, but without having to embarrass anyone on the guest list when it comes to splashing the cash. Don't let the lavish destination bachelorette parties you hear about on social media make you think of your guest's cheapskate. Opting for something more on-budget means you're covering all your bases by ensuring everyone will be happy with the costs.

You Can Have A Blast Without Dropping A Bunch of Cash

For many brides-to-be, this premarital rite of passage, which typically takes place during a weekend a couple of weeks before the actual wedding day, can become the stuff of wedding nightmares, as the cost of the bachelorette party can start to rise dramatically begins the planning begins. All the talk of weekends away, dinner, wine, food, drinks, airplanes, wine, dresses, and yet more wine can make everyone seriously panic - and all this before the wedding bells even ring!

Not everyone can afford or wants a party with a big budget. Bachelorette party ideas have evolved from a low-key dinner or lunch held the day before the wedding into a mega destination weekend, complete with matching guest outfits, hotel bookings, private boat charters, destination possibly unknown, and its own hashtags. And, if you are up for a big fat wedding, then you just might find that the cost of a traditional bachelorette party might start to make your eyes and your friends' eyes water.

You don't have to spend tons of money to have a good time

Plan It Right

But every bride needs 'a last sail before the veil', and so, if it's your job to organize the bachelorette party, then ensure you have got everyone's purses covered... And because of the Covid-19 pandemic - although very much unwanted, it has allowed us to become more creative and inspired when planning forthcoming bachelorette parties. The cheaper, more budget-friendly, inspired bachelorette party ideas have become more streamlined with safer options. They're more affordable and yet still be seen as a great time with the girls, full of inspiration and fun - yet more affordable.

On-Trend Bachelorette Parties

It's very much on-trend for micro-get-together bachelorette parties, which are becoming very doable this year. Just look at Lilly-Allen and Kristen Wiig with their minimonies. Here's to betting their bachelorette parties were small and sweet...

Because budget-friendly micro-bachelorette parties can be more intimate, with the bridal party being just a few well-selected best friends, it is feasible to cut down on unnecessary costly extras yet still have great fun. Though it may involve just as much planning as a weekend away, the convenience of keeping the celebration local and flight-free is sure to be loved by all your guests.

And it's also important to remember that maybe not all the bachelorette party group will be locals. Some of the bridal group guests might be flying in from around the country, so if you're going to have a weekend of it - which is probably the best idea for this kind of bachelorette party, remember it might mean others are paying for a mega trip just to get to where it's being held! They probably won't be too happy to fork out on too many expensive drinks, food, accommodation and tips - and this is just for starters.

So, if you've decided on a weekend of cheap bachelorette party ideas for your money-savvy bridal party, if guests are flying in from around the country, indeed it's best to stick together the first evening and have an evening of girlie-bonding? It's never fun to be the late arrival at any bachelorette party, and it can be something awful having to go and find everybody wherever they are - in a bar or restaurant, especially if you don't really know anyone in the group. So, why not stay put in your house, and have champagne and yummy snacks, and just get to know each other, and hang out?

Bachelorette Party - Focus on the Bride

The definition of a bachelorette party is 'a gathering held in honour of a woman's upcoming marriage which is typically attended by the bride's closest friends and family members.' It is, therefore, a time to celebrate the last few days of being single with a party - but without breaking the bank.

It's easy to get carried away with all the planning and excitement when you're in charge of an affordable bachelorette party, but the most important thing is to remember what the bride's own personality is like. When you're deciding on the venue, location, activities and the party, it's essential that you bear in mind what the main gal's likes and dislikes are - I mean, come on - if she hates camping, and the idea of the great outdoors in boots and jeans, a hiking trip is hardly going to appeal is it, even if it is on a budget? If she's more of a champagne champ, then stilettos, fancy dresses, and tiaras are the order of the day for this party! It can still be inexpensive if you organize yourselves well...

Remember who the party is for, and plan a budget-friendly bachelorette party with her in mind, and you won't go far wrong! There are so many cheap bachelorette party ideas for you to choose from, and you won't even have to leave the house, which will help you save money for a great wedding gift later on!

bachelorette party for cheap

Bring On The Bachelorette Party Ideas

Let's be honest - most of us just want to get together with the girls, and maybe a few select boys, to celebrate together with delicious food and non-stop drinks - check out the cheap bachelorette party ideas for what could make great fun for your special party event. Having a good time can absolutely go hand-in-hand with a cheap bachelorette party, whether you're throwing a grown-up sleepover for the bride-to-be or hosting a luxurious backyard movie screening with all the trimmings...

But before you think all cheap bachelorette parties are just about staying at home - think again. You can have a fun bachelorette party in town or in the city, but which keeps to a cheap budget and is affordable for everyone in the group.

It's a great idea to set the budget in advance and to decide how much money everyone in the party can reasonably afford. There's no point planning a trip if no one but you and the bride can afford to go. You also want to avoid any arguments later about money, so if everyone's upfront about what to expect from the beginning, it'll save the tears and tantrums later on. Think - save money, save your friendships!

Girls on a trip
Cheap Bachelorette Party - Vacation or Stay-cation?

Most brides are very conscious that their actual wedding day isn't a cheap affair - for themselves or for their families and friends. What with dresses, the honeymoon, and the wedding party itself, it's easy for cash to start to run away. It's not only bachelorette parties that are cash drains.

Some brides-to-be admittedly do get carried away with what they expect from their bachelorette party, so it's up to you as the organizer, to show that when you throw a bachelorette party, just because it's cheap, it doesn't have to be boring! Just because you decide to have a staycation doesn't mean dull...

And one of the most trendy bachelorette party ideas - mainly because it is insanely fun as well as relatively inexpensive, is a traditional bar crawl. You can actually find activities and tours that are perfect for bachelorette parties just around the corner from where you live. You can tour, sip and taste your way around hip eateries, sip and explore the different flavours of your neighborhoods' offerings, savour the flavours of other restaurants, or plan a custom-made experience whilst still Instagram-ming. You don't have to let Instagram wedding envy win the day - keep your guests happy with lots of opportunities for them to pose.

You don't have to chug off to a faraway city for a memorable bachelorette weekend. If you stay local, you can use some of the money you can save to upgrade to a VIP experience at some of the clubs in your local city and splash out on a limo to chauffeur you from place to place. You could also include some bachelorette party dares to spice the night up - there are endless ideas for a fun night out!

More Affordable Party Ideas
1. It's House Movie Night

There's nothing better than getting your friends together for a good movie night, regardless of whether you're into romantic comedies for a good old laugh, or maybe you all prefer action and adventure, or perhaps you fancy a good old weepy one, there's plenty of choice for you all, including the classics - Bridesmaids, Made of Honor, and Girls Trip.

You can create your own movie set-up in someone's backyard with popcorn, free-flowing cocktails and party food. You could borrow or hire a projector and screen and then set up your chosen movie in the garden. Suppose you ask everyone to bring a blanket, sleeping bag and pillow each. In that case, you can then set up a campfire, create a personalized scavenger hunt around the garden or the local neighbourhood, and provide some yummy smores, and get the cocktails flowing.

If you're lucky enough to have a friend with a pool at their house, you could have not only a slumber party but also a free pool party at the same time. Just make sure you organize the weather to be sunny! Do you know that popular photo with all your girlie pals in their matching pyjamas on a fluffy white bed? That could be you and your pals, too. So, instead of rushing off to the airport or heading out to your backyard, you can make your destination a nearby luxury hotel—it's time for a staycation in a suite. You can book a large room for you all, or maybe even the penthouse, and bring your overnight travel bags, as you're in for a night or two of unlimited room service, movies on demand, and lots of champagne. If the hotel has a pool, you might be able to throw a pool party there as well...

girls gone camping
2.The Great Outdoors Experience - a little bit of rough

So, you want to plan a whole girls' weekend, but you need to find an inexpensive way to do it whilst still keeping everyone happy? Consider camping as well as watching movies - you could combine the two. Why trudge all the way back inside when you could be sleeping under the stars?

Now, this idea is only an affordable alternative if you own or can borrow camping supplies for your group, as camping gear can be costly. However, it's very likely that you know someone who has stuff for camping in the great world outside. You can rent a camping spot at a nearby state park or national park and just head on out with the girls. Now, it's time for more inspiration to kick in and time to start to think classic camping foods such as hot dogs, more s'mores, and yummy hot chocolate, and then lie back and enjoy stargazing and the gossip. Camping is also the perfect time to get you all hiking and to join in whatever inexpensive activities are part of your chosen camping spot.

But, if there's nowhere nearby for affordable camping, just stay outside, and pitch your tent in someone's backyard and having a mini camp-out. Even better, you'll still be close to such luxuries as toilets and showers, but you can pretend to get away from it all with your slumber party in the yard.

You can spice up your budget friendly bachelorette weekend with extra activities such as hiking, swimming, or whitewater-rafting down the river if you're the adventurous, brave types. But before you packing, make sure you all read up on the local outdoor regulations for everything from glass bottles to alcohol allowances to quiet hours. But, most importantly, don't forget the cocktails. On the weekends, the adults-only camp lets you act like a kid but with booze and grown-up fun - there are endless drinking games like beer pong, and what with campfires, great food, and tons of other activities and adventures, what's not to love?

Nature and adventure-loving brides—this is the perfect party idea for you. Regardless of whether you pitch a tent or rent a cabin, your wedding group is guaranteed to have endless cheap but quality time with bags of adventures to give you everlasting memories of the trip.

If your bride squad is a bit more prudish than primal, perhaps you should opt for glamping for a taste of the outdoors without a having a lapse in luxury. You can rent decked-out tents, which will ensure comfort for all those princesses, and where flat irons are just as welcome as campfires and toasted marshmallows. With all the natural light and rustic backdrops of the great outdoors, you'll have plenty of great Instagram shots too.

Girls having a slumber party
3. Bachelorette Slumber Party

To keep the costs down then, you may have opted for a stay-at-home bachelorette party. And to make your staycation feel more like a real vacation, you can add in a slumber party. Now, whether that means all the wedding guests stay in an AirB&B in a lovely neighborhood, a luxurious hotel suite, or a rental house by a river, or someone's large apartment will depend mainly on your budget and the options available within your circle of friends. But there's nothing as fun as a sleepover with all your girlfriends, so this should be a priority, even if only for one night.

Because sleepovers aren't just for the kids! Anything goes at a slumber party- drinks, games, scavenger hunts, movies and just anything else you can think of. It's a budget-friendly way to create some great memories that will last forever. Just don't forget your pajamas - you could even have your bachelorette party logo printed!

Perhaps you could also use the slumber party to also host a luxury dinner party with your best friends' favorite food and drinks as well? Assorted party games, films, girlie-time - what could be better fun? Why not hire some North Carolina male strippers to tart things up - make sure that the bride-to-be is ok with it first. And, in the morning, you could all head out to your favorite cafe for brunch or lunch - it depends on how much alcohol your group can handle.

To make the evening really memorable, you could even hire a team of professionals to come over to your house's slumber party for a night of hair, nails and make-up - you could use the session as a practice for the bride's big day when she can try different styles and ideas with her besties there to advise her.

Sleepovers bring back fun memories for us all. You'll be able to remember sitting up all night with your friends, doing each other's hair, watching movies, gossiping about everything, drinking cocktails and wine, and snacking non-stop. It's the perfect cheap bachelorette party idea! You can encourage everyone to wear silly or matching pajamas and play truth-or-dare with the bride.

4.Volunteering Work

Obviously, depending on the kind of bride you're catering cheap bachelorette party ideas for, you might want to check out some volunteer work - okay, it's not quite party-mode but, not everyone wants to go wild with food and drinks, and perhaps having spent months inside with lockdowns, some people would love to spend part of their wedding experience in giving to those less fortunate - a case of spreading the love, maybe?

So, if you're the host for a bride who doesn't want the attention and fuss of a typical bachelorette party, then don't despair, as not all is lost. There are lots of fun but non-traditional ideas to help celebrate the bride's big day without going all-out crazy. A free volunteer day or trip can be one of the sweetest and most thoughtful ways to celebrate your bride's upcoming big day while giving back to the community or society as a whole - while still having a great time. It can be a unique and unconventional way to create long-lasting memories while leaving a long-lasting impact on those around you all.

The volunteering ideas could include helping plant a community garden or heading to the animal shelter to walk dogs and clean their shelters. Volunteering is free and won't cost you anything to have a worthwhile day or weekend out doing something special together.

Other volunteering ideas could mean a budget-friendly weekend in town with activities in a local soup kitchen, working at a food bank, or a homeless shelter who are always looking for extra help from a group of friends on a mission. This is a great way to have fun whilst doing something worthwhile for others. If you have more than a day, you could arrange to take a volunteer vacation - perhaps help clean a river or an inner-city garden.

Later that night, you could then follow up the volunteering project with a super dinner and drinks at your favourite local restaurant - it's also the perfect excuse for those of you who like to get out your posh dresses, and which will give you all the ideal ending to an unforgettable day, for even the most laid-back, social-minded group.

5.Book a Cooking Class

Now, this 'book a class' suggestion is a very inspired idea for a bachelorette party, especially if you're trying to be budget-friendly and which will keep even the most fussy bride-to-be happy. If you contact your local town or city caterers, you'll find that they are usually happy to come along to a bachelorette party at your house, where you can get them to show you and your friends how to make delicious, affordable food, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Because of where food and drinks are concerned, most of us are happy to join in and have a go. It's a chance for you all to channel your inner chef and to learn how to make a new dish with an in-your-home or an on-site cooking class experience.

Or perhaps your wedding group of friends would prefer for you to book a private mixology class to learn the many different tricks of various drinks and cocktails, so you can all learn how to shake up something delicious. Other activities such as art and pottery classes, for example, are also extremely popular for learning a new skill whilst still having lots of fun.

Girls visting a winery
6. Visit a Winery or Brewery

Calling all wine lovers - perhaps you could take a day tasting wine, enjoying the charcuterie boards, and touring the local or further afield wineries. Just a word of advice - if you do fancy this kind of trip, it's thoroughly recommended that you book through a tour company well in advance, as in the summer months they are especially popular. People who choose winery bachelorette parties usually want to do something special for the wedding party and would like to enjoy some alcoholic drinks, but aren't necessarily into the idea of a wild, drink-crazy type of party, so this wine-tasting is a perfect combination of culture and sophistication.

Wineries are also super-friendly for tourists, so you will usually be able to find some lovely accommodation for you all to stay in, plenty of great local restaurants, and often even a variety of related activities to keep you all company, especially if you decide to make a weekend of it.

But perhaps you prefer a more local winery? You will almost definitely find a full-service winery that will offer you all some kind of food and might even offer a party room for your bride's private enjoyment. Lunch is often served with different local wines for you to sample - just make sure you. have a designated driver when it comes to home time.

Many wineries also have different experiences that they offer, which could include actually touring the vineyards, guided tastings, or even classes focused on cooking with their specific wine. All of this means that your winery party will be easy to plan, as the ideas offered from the winery are vastly varied for these particular kinds of parties.

And the huge bonus is, of course, that you can sample and then buy a few of your new favourite bottles to enjoy on the bride's wedding day.

7. Create a Scavenger Hunt

If you've got a wedding group that loves exploration, discovery, and a bit of excitement and challenge, a scavenger hunt is right up your alley and is one of the best bachelorette party games. In many of the USA's great cities, you can find plenty to explore, including that city's iconic cultural sights and hidden gems, whilst you complete challenges along the way. You can actually buy apps to help you digitally plan your hunt - and they can be customized to include titivating trivia about the future Mrs., as well as drink pit-stops and tailored starting and ending locations to suit you and your group. These apps are also filled with 'bachelorette party’-themed challenges that will get everyone laughing.

You can also find online affordable treasure hunts that are pre-arranged for you, but if you really want to save some money, you can set up your own – find a a route and think up some trivia along the way. Get the girls to explore the route and answer questions using the different sights they'll see, and then set challenges that require photo evidence. The first ones back to the base with everything present and correct will win a prize. Yay!

Woman having her palm read
8. Are You Psychic?

What imminent wife-to-be does not have pertinent questions about her future? That is why bachelorettes love the idea of a psychic party. Now, the cost of this kind of party can vary, depending on where you live, who you hire to host it, and the skills set of your particular group of friends. You can do it for little cost if you are good at planning ahead.

If you want this activity to be totally free, perhaps you can persuade a friend to learn some of the basics of palm reading. Maybe you can teach yourself how to read a tarot deck - it's actually not as difficult as it sounds as tarot decks not only come with detailed descriptions of the meaning of each card but also tell you how to do essential readings. Throw in an ouija board, and you have an entire themed night planned.

As the host, do you have a little more money to spend on the psychic party? If you've got a bit more cash, you could consider hiring a professional psychic to come to provide readings for your guests at home, or you could take a trip into town. Suppose you're concerned some guests will take things too seriously. In that case, you could add a little light-heartedness and remind people not to take things too seriously by throwing in some less severe fortune telling items, like a fortune cookies, a Magic 8 ball - you can even get free fortune-telling apps - you could save. Yourself a fortune.

9. Hire a Private Chef to Cook You Dinner

Okay - sounds quite similar to having a cookery class - but this time, you don't get involved at all - whilst you and your friends are having your particular chill time, being pampered or watching movies, you can have someone cooking away in the kitchen for you all, and you won't have even to wash up! This is the new going out!

This might seem like an extravagance, but when you consider all the money you'd spend on going out to eat - taxis, tips, babysitters etc., then you should think again. You could be sitting there with the bride-to-be drinking champagne, having nibbles, whilst you have a turn in the hot tub or the pool, while the chef cooks up their magic. All you have to worry about is the quick change into your finery before sitting down to a gourmet three-course meal.

Seriously, if you host either a small or even large party, it's a doddle. There's no need to worry about crockery either, as the chef usually brings their own -that matched- as well as the kitchen equipment, right down to a mini deep fat fryer, if required. They'll lay the table, print menus for every guest, clean as they cooked, and wash up and clean the kitchen while you eat dessert. If you want someone to take the heat from the kitchen and create culinary delights for you all - what better way to save money whilst you still have fun?

Girls bowling together

There's never a better opportunity to be a 'team bride' than when you're part of a wedding group. Why not head to the local bowling alley for some bachelorette party games and divide up into teams for a fun-packed night of bowling, junk food, and drinks. It doesn't matter if you're no good at the bowling lark, as it's all part of the fun. You could even get some t-shirts printed ready for the occasion, as a souvenir for all of the bride's guests.

Girls doing Karaoke
11.Karaoke Night

Sing out loud, sing out clear, and have some serious fun. A private karaoke room in a local bar is a guaranteed good time for everyone. You can sing all your old-school favourites, come up with dance routines to go along with them, and then bond through the power of lousy singing over a few glasses of vino. It's time to hit up a karaoke bar for a severe evening of fun, cocktails, and videos to remember for many years to come.

You don't have to worry about planning anything in advance, as it'll all just happen on the night. And for those shyer members of the group who don't fancy going solo? Then they can just laugh at you guys who are brave enough to have a go!

Does your bride love a sing-a-long? A karaoke night could be the perfect idea for you and your girls - and if you want to save money, ask around to borrow a karaoke machine and set it up in the privacy of your own home.

12.Bar Crawl

This is the time to cause a bit of trouble or to make a classy night of it in the traditional bachelorette party way - a bar crawl from one local bar to the next. There are plenty of ideas you can have to spice up the event, but without having to drink yourself silly. But don't leave your crawl to chance, ladies, as you only get one shot at this, so, you've got to do it right.

Don't waste the night arguing with the girls over where to begin your boozy night out or by wandering around the town or city trying to find all the best places to party and wasting time in dodgy dens. A little bit of preparation will take your bride tribe to all the best bars in the city with no time wasted. Result!

Have a kitty agreed beforehand, take it in turns to stand in the queue, and get focussed with hilarious drinking games, challenges and forfeits!

sleepover bachelorette party
13.Destination - Spa Day

While a booze-filled bachelorette party weekend with girlfriends may appeal to many brides, others may prefer more of a sophisticated wellness getaway destination spas. It makes sense as planning weddings can be stressful, and a few days of quality R&R is a great way to unwind and bond with your besties over a glass or two of bubbles in the jacuzzi bubbles.

There's nothing more exciting for the bride-to-be who loves pilates or yoga than practising with best friends at a beautiful resort for the day. So, grab your mats, leggings, and matching bride-tribe shirts and help channel peace, love, and light to combat any pre-wedding stress in a retreat for getting Zen while also making sure to party the bachelorette way.

So, book everything in advance for the ultimate bachelorette party, be organized, communicate with everyone regularly, and remember - you don't have to spend loads to have fun with the girls!

13 Cheap bachelorette party ideas

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