17 Cheap Bachelor Party Ideas That Are A Blast

Anita Ventura

March 18

You deserve an epic bachelor party. But that doesn’t mean that you should spend your last few days before the wedding going into deep debt.
Luckily, there are plenty of affordable bachelor party ideas to keep your last few days of freedom cost-effective and fun.

Call it what you may: a stag party, last night of freedom, final fling before the ring, and so on, the premise of a bachelor party remains the same. That is to celebrate the last few moments of unparalleled freedom before the vows.
If you are soon to be a best man or have a close pal getting married soon, you need to start thinking about their bachelor party. Of course, bringing other mutual friends into the fray will bring about a healthy mix of ideas and make the planning easier.
As with any other party, figuring out what to do will be top of the agenda. The choices you make are ultimately dependent on the groom’s personality, how well you know them, and their idea of fun.
If you are running short of ideas, here are seventeen inexpensive suggestions for bachelor parties to help matters along.

throw a bachelor party
1. A Ballgame

Whatever his favorite sport is, a ballgame where the groom gets to sit front and center is likely to be fondly remembered. You can sweeten the deal by getting his customized team jersey beforehand to wear on that day. This will require some pre-planning as ballgames follow set schedules. Therefore, as soon as a wedding date is announced, start thinking about this immediately. Don't worry if this doesn't work out, as there are plenty of other suggestions for bachelor party plans.

2. Host a Food Bonanza

Let’s be honest: good food and drinks are everyone’s cup of tea. How about creating a stag night around this. Do not go for the usual catered shindig, however. Instead, plan for a cookout. All guests need to come ready with their best cooking skills. You can provide different ingredients for starters, main course, desserts, and drinks and let everyone work their magic. You can also choose to simplify the menu and so barbeque, hotdogs, burgers and so on. It's easy to save a few bucks by not opting for steak if feeding a large group. This would be great in pleasant weather as you can cook and eat outdoors.

3. Play Poker

This is a classic bachelor party activity that at its most basic doesn't require you to plan ahead. The best thing about poker is that it allows players to customize the game to their level of fun.
First off, you can have an
easy poker night with no frills or go all out with a casino royale theme. The choice is up to you.
Customization works great as well. Think about how to craft rewards for won games. Think of a truth or dare game, money, drinking games, custom poker chips, and so on. The wilder the task, the more fun and exciting the game gets as literally, nobody wants to lose a hand and go through the punishments.
Luckily, there are card games that come with printed cards to help you out with this.

camping trip
4. Go Camping

At times, a testosterone-filled camping trip out in the wild can be just about the best way to bid your single life goodbye. You will need to get a few things worked out before the day. The first is transportation. Depending on how many people you are, consider hiring RV's. These should be the go-to anytime you are taking a drive through rugged terrain. Bring with you some fire sources and meat to grill in the great outdoors. You can then plan some activities for the day outright. Think poker, roasting the groom, and so on. This is the perfect opportunity for a fishing trip as well.

5. Take a Road Trip

Find out if the group can take a couple of days off work for a road trip of their lives. There are no rules as to which direction or how far you are allowed to go. A little spontaneity never killed anyone. You need to find a general direction, nonetheless. The best one would be one with many activities, changing landscapes, and fascinating detours along the way. You do not only need stopovers; you need meaningful stopovers with something to offer. These add value to the entire experience. Part of the planning should be route planning, booking hotels or campsites, finding nearby attractions, planning itineraries, and so on. Similarly, depending on everyone’s fitness levels, you can trade in the RV and embark on a biking excursion instead.

6. Learn a Skill

How about holding a stag night where everyone in attendance learns a new skill? The choice of skill is dependent on group interests, and this is something you can take a vote on in the pre-planning process. Dancing, cooking, baking, crafts, handwork, and so on are items to place on the list. Of course, the learning has to be accompanied by food and drink. The group can then unwind with good music later on as everyone catches up.

7. Man Care Day

If you have had a wedding before, you most likely can recall how stressful the months and weeks leading up to the wedding can be. Ever-changing invite lists, wrangling suppliers, pre-wedding jitters, and so on can make this an especially stressful time. Ladies will always have some self-care involved for the bride to be at their bachelorette parties. If not at the hen night, they will most often take a day or an afternoon of relaxation. Well, the groom can benefit from this as well. There are two ways to go about this. The first is buying a gift certificate from a spa of choice. Ensure the groom can get a shave, pedicure, massage, aromatherapy, and so on. The second is to hire the service and have the spa professionals come to your venue of choice. This way some of the other bachelor party guests can participate.

8. Take a Food Tour

It's often surprising how many things you miss out on when you are not looking. You can live in the same neighborhood for years yet miss out on some superb eateries it has to offer. This can be the bachelor party theme: to discover local eateries. If you are a group of friends that eat out together often, you have likely frequented the same places time and again. The goal here will be to find eateries you haven’t tried out. If you don't eat out as a group often, each person is likely to have been to a place they would love you to try out. With a few places in mind, bring your appetites and get to exploring. You can order several meals at each place and share them around the table. This will ensure you don't fill up quickly so you can sample as many local eateries as possible.

obstacle course
9. Dangerous Thrills

Most married men will tell you that once you say your vows, some of the things you enjoyed most can come to an end. The bulk of these tends to be activities the wife considers to be too dangerous. If the groom is an adrenaline junkie, this might be the last time he gets to enjoy his thrills guilt-free. Whether bungee jumping, obstacle course, skydiving, mountain climbing, roller coaster rides, or biking, plan a stag party around the groom's favorite activities. Over the years, when it becomes less and less possible to indulge, this bachelor party will become a much talked about anecdote.

10. Stripper Party

This traditional bachelor party idea never seems to get old. One of its top-selling qualities is that it can be combined with numerous other things to create a fun-filled night.
It’s also flexible to different budgets. You can get as few or as many performers and for varying durations depending on your budget.
Similarly, you can have this at a private venue where you
hire party strippers or go to a gentlemen's club and pay for food and drinks consumed during the patronage.
If you decide to have a private event, supplement the strip show with games, competitions, cookout outs, poker, karaoke, and so on.

bachelor party strip club
11. Feed the Inner Child

Every so often, don’t you wish you could go to a playpark and enjoy swings and ride like you did when you were younger? If the groom is more into clean fun, this can be an excellent idea, with some variations, of course. Think of a recreational park in your location that offers adult fun. This needs not be complicated. Get competitive on archery, go-karts, buggies, and so on. You can also enjoy the thrill of roller coaster rides, bowling, trampoline jumps, and so on. Again, with a stressed-out groom, this can be all you need to get his mind off the hassles of wedding planning temporarily. A good meal, music, and drinks can round the evening off perfectly.

17 Cheap Bachelor Party Ideas That Are A Blast
17 Cheap Bachelor Party Ideas That Are A Blast
12. Get Band Tickets

For people that know and love their music, there is an unexplainable euphoria associated with watching your favorite bands live. Again, this will take some research and fore-planning to pull off. The first thing you need to know or find out is who the groom's favorite band is. You need to check the internet to find if they are touring and if they will be playing at a location close to you before the wedding. Granted, this will require some juggling. However, done right, the boys can whisk the groom to be to an exhilarating night of his fun music.

13. Pack Up For Vegas

If you are looking to go out of town, Sun City has it all. Aside from the number of activities you can enjoy out there, there is virtually something for everyone. Think glamorous movie-like casinos, strip clubs, burlesque shows, name it. The team can decide to contribute towards the groom's gambling cash, so he has a carefree night. Ideally, take a couple of days to go to Las Vegas and enjoy its sights and sounds. You are unlikely to exhaust everything on offer, but it will be a start. If you cannot let loose anywhere else, you can in Vegas. After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Wink wink!

Ok, we cheated here going to Vegas not an inexpensive bachelor party destination; however, you bring a slice of Vegas to the groom. Stock up a bar, get some cigars, get great food and snacks and break out a deck of cards. A few laptops on hand are great for online casino games from the comfort of your home.

bachelor party nightclub
14. Hit the Clubs

Irrespective of how much of a night runner you are, it’s unlikely that you have sampled all night spots in your area. With some help from Google, list some spots with good reviews that most guys in the group are yet to patronize. Pick a few and plan a night around them. Make things interesting by adding some karaoke spots as well. Make things fun by making the groom do a few songs on his last lap of freedom. Someone can record the comic performances for reminiscing later on in years to come.

15. Take a Hometown Trip

If you live away from where the groom grew up, a hometown trip can be great for reflection. Aside from gas and accommodation, this is also unlikely to be a stag idea that breaks the bank. With any luck, the groom will still have some family in his hometown. You can stop by, learn more about where your friend grew up, the schools they went to, and so on.

Marriage is a huge milestone in anyone’s life. Looking at where one came from in their earlier years and reflecting on the journey to where they are can be a meaningful way to spend a weekend leading up to the wedding.
Be sure to include some fun too.
You can visit local attractions during the day and patronize local nightspots at night before calling it a day.

16. Wine or Beer Tour

This will deliver a fun learning experience for all involved. If the groom enjoys his beers and wines, find a festival coming to town soon, or take a road trip to one. Certain cities like Denver and Asheville are known for their many brewery tours. If he is a hard liquor fan, then a private scotch or whisky tasting will be more appropriate. If you will be traveling to get to a vineyard, try and find a place where there will be a lot to do along the way. You want the experience to be as enriching as possible.

guys on fishing trip
17. Fishing Trip

Not only is a fishing trip a cheap bachelor party idea, but it's also a unique and memorable one. Imagine spending a weekend on a peaceful lake or river with your closest friends, casting your line and reeling in some fish. It's a great way to bond with your buddies, relax in nature, and enjoy some quality time before the groom ties the knot. A great thing about this idea is that it's customizable to your group's interests and budget. You can choose to camp out and cook your own meals, or opt to rent a cabin or lodge with even more amenities. You can also decide whether to bring your own gear or rent it on-site. Whatever you choose, it's sure to be a fun and affordable option for the group.

Of course, planning a fishing trip bachelor party does require some organization and research. You'll want to make sure you have all the necessary permits and licenses, as well as a solid plan for transportation and accommodations. You'll also want to consider factors like weather, fishing regulations, and any potential safety concerns.

Start Planning Early

Parties have a lot of moving bits that need to be juggled. For things to go as smoothly as possible, start as easy as possible to make required changes along the way. Plan ahead and you will be able to work with anyones schedule. With a good understanding of who the groom is and a working budget in mind, you would find a couple of options to run with from this list.

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