5 Adult Pool Party Ideas To Spice Up Your Summer

Anita Ventura

July 04

If you’re looking for ways to cool off this summer, we’ve got you covered. No, we’re not talking about snow cones or popsicles. We’ve got 5 grown-up pool party ideas that will help you get your party on. Get ready for a hot summer.

Adult Pool Party Themes

Pool parties may be typically associated with kids and teenagers. Still, even adults can’t resist the fun and play that comes with a summer pool party. Dipping your toes in the pool with a cold drink in hand is a welcome escape from the day-to-day adult responsibilities.
planning adult pool parties isn’t as straightforward as it may seem, especially when selecting the best theme. But worry not; adults don’t really require the flashy overkill that comes with children and teenage parties to be entertained. More often than not, it’s about finding the right food and activities to go with the pool party decorations.
If you want to use your backyard swimming pool to entertain your friends and family, here are some excellent pool party themes for you:

A Hawaiian Luau theme is a natural for grown-up pool parties
Hawaiian Luau

When done right, a Hawaiian luau makes for one of the best adult pool party experiences. The secret is to recreate a tropical Hawaiian experience, and here’s how to go about it; Invitations If you’re planning to use invitations, they should communicate your intended theme. For example, luau invitations are usually tropical-themed for that Hawaiian feel. Luckily, you don’t have to design them yourself if your digital design skills are rusty. Instead, you can download printable invitation templates from various websites online.

Tropical decorations

Tropical decorations will help create a festive Hawaiian vibe. Use grass table skirts, tropical-looking plates and cups, and flowers.

Aloha Attire

Guess what? A Hawaiian Luau is incomplete without Aloha attire. So if you want a fun, tropical-colored pool party, colorful Hawaiian shirts and floral dresses should be the dress code. For ladies, the traditional flower behind the right ear for single women and the left ear for taken women is a welcome addition.


For that authentic tropical vibe, play some Traditional Hawaiian or island party music for your visitors. Don’t panic if you have no experience with Hawaiian music; there are dedicated playlists in popular streaming services like iTunes and Spotify.

garnish your potent pool side cocktails with tropical flowers and juicy fruit

Food and drink are arguably the most essential elements of any party. The more in line they are with the food, the better the experience. Some food ideas for a luau pool party include Kalua Pig, Poi, Mahi Mahi, Lau Lau, Lohi Lohi Salmon, Haupia, and Poke. You can order these or check out recipes if you fully trust your cooking skills. Tropical refreshments At this point, it’s pretty clear that most (if not all) things in a luau party are tropical-themed, and the same goes with the drinks. Mai Tai, Blue Hawaiian, and Pina Colada are some of the best cocktails for a pool party.

Girls with large pool floats
Beach Party

Gone are the times when you needed the open ocean to enjoy a beach-like experience. You can also use that swimming pool in your backyard to bring the beach to you and give your adult friends and family an unforgettable good time. It’s actually easier than it seems, and here’s how to go about it.


You can start with some beach-themed invitations whose templates can be downloaded and printed from various sites online. However, if you fancy yourself a creative, ditch the paper cards and try something artistic, like using beachballs or sand-filled bottles to communicate party details.

Colors and Decorations

The most significant benefit of choosing a beach theme is that it offers a lot of flexibility. The decorations can range from tropical concepts with turquoise colors (as there are tropical beaches worldwide) to nautical themes and sea glass-toned colors. Since this is an adult party, ditch plastic beach toys in favor of the more natural seashells. These not only make for beautiful centerpieces but also help create a more nautical feel to the party.

Food and Drink

If you’re going to host a beach-themed pool party, the food will either make or break your party. You can get creative with your seafood recipes or head online and try some pretty amusing recipes. These include baking a sandcastle cake, preparing flip flop sandwiches and crab sandwiches. You can also make a fruit pizza-shaped and colored like a beach ball or order some sea glass candy and “edible sand” made from cake crumbs. When serving up a fruit salad, you don’t want to exclude the unofficial summer fruit that is watermelon. You can even hollow out the insides of the fruits and use them to serve fruits, salads, and other interesting dishes. Serve your gusts bottled drinks from ice-filled beach buckets.

Wild masks will make your pool party with a Carnival theme

A circus theme looks like a great party for kids, but most people don’t realize that it can just be as interesting for adults. Invitations Your carnival party should scream fun from the get-go, and cute circus tickets are the best way to invite your friends to join in the fun. For these, download custom templates online and print them.

Colors and decorations

A carnival-themed party allows so much freedom with colors, even the typically frowned upon bright colors. You can get as colorful as you want and use wooden signs to direct your guests to various sections of the party. Neon signs, balloons, and printable tags are also a welcome addition to the party decorations.

Carnival Party Food

Since the party is more on the fun side, carnival-type foods are all about treats. Serve your guests guilty pleasures like candy (regular, cotton, and rock), nachos, licorice, cookies, circus peanuts, popcorns, caramel corn, animal crackers, clown cupcakes, and soft pretzels, to name a few. Preparing most of these is pretty easy. The ingredients are relatively easy to find, and most require basic baking and frosting skills. You will have to order things like candy, which are pretty cheap. There is just so much you can serve at a carnival pool party, and the odds of getting it all wrong is low.


A circus-themed party is one of the few parties that allows room for a lot of games. You can have your guests play balloon darts, ring toss, bean bag toss, and can toss game, to name a few. For extra fun, have your guests play games for simple prizes. Use your favorite streaming service to find the best carnival theme party music playlist.

Party people on floats at the pool
Movie Night

While food and dancing make for excellent entertainment, you can reserve the main event of your film and still make as big of a splash.
Invitations’ The best invitations go with the theme, and for movie night, you can use clapboard invitations, film reels, or theatre-style tickets.


Decorations for a film-themed pool party involve movie reels, clapboards, balloons, and popcorns. You can order a set of these at your favorite online shopping platform, and don’t forget inflatable lounge chairs (more on that later).

Tableware and Snacks

Some movie party supply boxes come with cups, dinner plates, napkins, and dessert plates. You can use these to serve your guests snacks like hot dogs, popcorn, pizza, hot pretzels, and candy, things they would eat at the movie theatre. If you fancy yourself a baker, prepare (popcorn) cupcakes for your friends and family.


The best games for a movie-themed party involve testing your guest’s knowledge of movies. You can play this while still in the pool, either on the inflatable lounge chairs or while swimming in the waters. Interesting games include; Famous movie lines: Create a list of famous quotes from well-known movies; “ A long time ago ina galaxy far, far away” (Star Wars); “ Just keep swimming” (Finding Nemo 2003); “I’ll be back” (The Terminator). Cut the quotes into individual strips and shuffle them in a bowl. Players then take turns to pick random quotes from the bowl and read them out loud for others to guess. Write down at least 25 quotes and try not to make the lines too obvious, so the game lasts long.

Movie Star Names

How about a drinking game to spice things up? Movie star names is an interesting game where one person says out loud the first and last names of a movie star. The next player then has to say another movie star which starts with the first letter of the previous actor’s last name. If they fail to do so within a few seconds, they take a shot. For instance, if the first player says Danny Trejo, the next can respond with Travis Fimmel.

Movie Scavenger Hunt

Think game is like a treasure hunt. Start by preparing a list of movie titles and make copies for each guest. Hidden in your backyard, house, and even in the pool are items corresponding to each movie title. For example, The Wolf of Wall Street can be represented by a chart of the stock market, Game of Thrones by a dragon action figure, Vikings by a pair of ax props, and so on. The goal is to take photos of as many items as possible in the shortest time possible. The first to complete the list or whoever has the most pictures after a set time (five to ten minutes preferably) is the winner.

Describe That Movie

The die-hard film fans in your group will easily win this one, but it’s still worth a try. Make a list of famous movies and divide your guests into teams. Pick a player from each team, discreetly show them the title of each movie, and have them describe the film to their teammates using a set limit of words. The team with the most correct guesses wins. For instance, you can describe Vikings in two words as “fierce Scandinavians” and in six words as “sailing raiders on the English coast.” You don’t have to play all these games; one or two should be entertaining enough.

The Movie

After fun and games, you can now sit on your inflatable lounge chairs and float around the pool as you watch the movie of your choice.

Any Venue Can Become A Las Vegas Pool Party
Las Vegas Pool Party

If you want a pool party that is a little bit on the wild side, why not borrow inspiration from Sin City and throw a Las Vegas Pool Party?
Invitations Send your guests Vegas-themed invitations printed from downloadable templates online. You can include dice cubes and playing cards in the envelopes before mailing them to emphasize the theme.


Luckily, recreating a classic casino atmosphere is not as hard as it sounds. All you have to do is use casino color schemes as seen on playing cards; red, black, and white. You can also use green (to mirror the color of money) on the balloons and confetti. Casino signs are also a must-have, and these can be handmade. If your guests are coming into the living room, invite them in with a glamorous red carpet and even a velvet rope if possible. Decorate your tables with casino-themed centerpieces, playing cards, or giant dice. Speaking of dice, you can also decorate your pool with giant inflatable dice cubes. You can also include inflatables with the classic black, red, and white casino colors or use blow-up lilos customized as playing cards.


Amidst all the drinks and partying, it’s the games that make or break a casino-themed party. Those with a big budget (like really big) can rent casino games for the event. Fun table games to rent include roulette, baccarat, craps, and blackjack. And if you’re really aiming to nail that vegas theme, hire a brightly colored slot machine and place it somewhere around the pool. If your budget is limited, card games still present an opportunity to have lots of fun. You can buy some poker chips and engage in some imaginary stakes to give your guests a bit to remember. Bingo is another great game you can play at a Vegas-themed party. Its most significant advantage is that ist a little light on people who have never experienced casino games.

Food and Drink

For food and drinks, present your guests with a matching menu characterized by plenty of choices. You can even serve sophisticated cocktails and other beverages from a makeshift bar (overkill territory). Pass around simple appetizers like cheese, crackers, and cream cheese tarts to prepare them for the main meal. Jell-O shots are a welcome addition to the party, and so are casino-themed desserts.

What Kind of Adult Pool Party Will You Throw?

There are many adult pool party themes to choose from, and these five are our top picks. Whichever one(s) you pick, make sure to communicate beforehand on matters dress code and arrival t

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